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  • It’s National Hot Dog Day – So Indulge Already

    Wednesday, July 23, is “National Hot Dog Day,” a date that was probably chosen because it’s the middle of summer, and hot dogs and summer go together like Wrigley Field and selfies. Many people wouldn’t be caught dead eating a hot dog, because they ...

  • Hot Dog Day is (finally) here, so do yourself a favor and grab a designer dog

    Not only is Wednesday National Hotdog Day, but July is National Hotdog Month. What better way to celebrate than by shadowing a guy who perfected the art of the designer dog? For Chef Cliff Rome, the brains behind H-Dogs, it’s all about patience in ...

  • National Hot Dog Day Is A Great Day To Promote Beef

    When we think of summer grilling season, steaks and burgers come to mind; however, there are other ways for consumers to enjoy beef this summer. National Hot Dog Day is today, July 23, and all-beef hot dogs and brats are also very popular items to throw on ...

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