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  • Hot dogs + tater tots = A 'happy' time in Cleveland

    Downstairs is a second, more funky space known as "Underdog," open only for dinner in the evenings, with a basement rec room feel and original "tater tot and hot dog art" on the walls. Underdog has a bar and several more pinball machines, and on Thursday ...

  • Senate's Bruce Jenner dog 'bigoted, transphobic'

    That’s how Senate Restaurant – Over-the-Rhine’s upscale hot dog joint and gastropub – described its Bruce Jenner-inspired “dog of the day” Friday. It’s called the Bruce Jenner 2.0. The one day-only menu item – a hot dog split in half ...

  • There’s nothing D.C. about the Milwaukee Bucks’ D.C.-inspired hot dog

    The Milwaukee Bucks are offering eight different specialty hot dogs — one for each Eastern Conference team in the NBA playoffs — this postseason. It’s a fun idea, and means fans can watch the Bucks try to avoid falling behind 3-0 to the Bulls on ...

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