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  • Hot Dog Heaven: Best Jersey franks

    New Jersey, specifically North Jersey, is the center of the hot dog universe. Does any part of the country — the world — have a greater concentration of hot dog joints than Passaic/Essex/Union/Bergen counties? Doubtful. Can any other state lay claim as ...

  • Hot Diggity Dog! Here Are America's Craziest Wieners

    Happy National Hot Dog Day! There's nothing more American than a hot dog-- except maybe seeing how many insane toppings you can pile on one. From mustard and ketchup to atomic relish and french fries, true 'mericans have dreamed up some wacky franks-- and ...

  • Hot Dog Heaven: Best Dirty Water Dog

    THE SNAP. Miguel Patrikios knows his customers want the snap. “People like the snap when you bite into the hot dog,” says the owner of Jerry’s Famous Frankfurters in Elizabeth. Jerry’s, the state’s best dirty water dog, is located steps from ...

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