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  • Hot Dog! Nathan's Famous To Pay A Third Of Market Cap In Special Dividend

    As legendary New York-based hot dog seller Nathan's Famous Nathan's Famous approaches its hundredth year, the company is levering up its balance sheet and paying a gargantuan special dividend to shareholders, in a move that reflects confidence its hot dogs ...

  • A Krispy Kreme Donut Hot Dog Covered In Bacon Now Exists

    According to the BlueRocks' official site, the hot dog is plopped between two glazed donut buns, doused in raspberry jam (to simulate the effect of a jelly donut) and topped with bacon bits. Instead of taking people out to the ballgame, this food might ...

  • Ballpark food: Hot dog topped with bacon and jelly on a glazed donut bun

    Today in "We dare you to eat this" news: They're calling it a "donut dog" informally for now, but the Wilmington (Del.) Blue Rocks are having a contest to name the new centerpiece menu item for the 2015 season at Frawley Stadium that combines savory and ...

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