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  • Hot diggity dog! Oscar Mayer mansion is on the market for $1.75million

    The former home of Oscar G. Mayer Sr., son of the man who established the Oscar Mayer Company, is now up for grabs. The $1.75 million Evanston, Illinois, home features six bedrooms and four bathrooms, plus 7,401 square feet, according to its listing.

  • The many faces of mac and cheese at Steve’s Hot Dogs

    Many people think of summer games and lining up at the hot-dog stand, while mac and cheese is coveted as a winter comfort dish. But, Steve Ewing has slipped mac and cheese into his menu as an all-weather food. He has a Gorilla Mac & Cheese Dog with bacon ...

  • Hot dog purveyor hits spot with burger joint

    Whether you wish for White Castle or pine for PF Chang’s, it seems like hopes for new places never come true. But recently one of my wishes came true on Fairfield Avenue when Bravas Burgers took up shop next to the former Casa restaurant spot that is now ...

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