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  • Free Hot Dog: Dog Haus West Covina Opens

    In the past, when a restaurant opened, you might have received a balloon, a handshake from the owner, and a mint to suck on on your way out the door. Today? The eating-out game has stepped up, as have the dining destination debuts. Sure, you may still meet ...

  • Where to Satisfy Your Hot Dog Craving Post-Hot Doug's

    There may never be another chocolate hot dog or Anna Kendrick fire dog again, but for Hot Doug’s fans looking for their Chicago hot dog fix, there’s still hope. As the sausage superstore reaches its final day, GrubHub has put together a list of some of ...

  • Man Bites Dog No More: Popular Chicago Eatery Hot Doug's to Close

    CHICAGO—A block or so down the street from a storefront with an old-fashioned sign that says "The Sausage Superstore," a line of die-hards inched toward the most famous high-end hot dog stand in a town known for its love of dogs. After more than a decade ...

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